I am bound to not believe on what I see

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“Everything we believe, Every sense we experience Every though, they could all have put in our mind by the evil genius, who created an illusory world so seamless that their would be no way of detecting illusion. Only one thing that I can be sure is that I am thinking and thats real.” - Descarts

This thought was no more accepted by me until I got a chance to Hack the hololens. This weekend I got a chance to attend BE5 hack days Hackathon at Unternehmer TUM, Munich. I was working on a challenge put up by KNAUF: create a way to visualise their product in a very natural and intuitive way for their customers.

mixedreality mixedreality

With 6 red bulls, and 48 hrs I and my teammate was able to build a Mixed reality app in Hololens that could easily import the products and using simple gesture and Spatial Mapping can place it the world. Currently the app is very raw but it solves the problem of intuitive visualisation for architects. It was awesome hacking the Hololens using Unity and Vb C# but the setting up the windows OS with Unity, VB and emulator was pain in ass.

GithubRepo Demo video inside the demo folder

mixedreality mixedreality

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