Beauty is finding patters in complete randomness!

Beauty is finding patters in complete randomness!

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A programmer going to art museum does not fit ? Right ?

I thought the same when my Deustch Sprache Schule(German Language Classes) decided to go to the URBAN NATION museum on wall art after the mid break of the class. Though I sometimes make portraits as a hobby I have never been to an actual art museum. The Indian museum filled ancestral clothes, weapons, and broken objects has never amused me enough rather had created an prejudice for the word museum as ‘ancient’ and ‘langweilich’.

I entered this modern museum art. These are some of the images of the museum:

img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img6 img7 img8

I loved it !! The more I saw I an art the better I started to understand the emotion and the motivation of the artist and the more I understood the more I wanted to know !! Every angle from which you see these Images you see a different story narrated by itself.

This one was my fav image!


If u see every stroke, its vague and dirty but the complete picture looks perfect. The bird gives me the smell of freedom, and it even portrays that if u fly free and high what u have inside is nothing but just ur thoughts and values!

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